Forty years ago, a graduate student took a gap year to explore business needs for geographic analytical techniques. He resumed school with a focus on business-related methodologies. Ten years later, now a university professor, he got restless, being more interested in changing the world than theorizing about it. He quit academia and hung up a shingle as a consultant. The firm was the first entry under Geographers in the Toronto Yellow Pages.

That was 1990. Then came consumer GPS and web maps, the whole world got excited about geography, and the rest is history geography, geography, geography.

The company has operated out of Canada and Australia in the past. It is now based in California.


The world is in some ways like a messy closet. Geographic and ancillary techniques can tidy it: put facilities in the right places, and have things move in an orderly way, benefiting people and the planet.

Our products/services CLEO and METRIS realize pieces of this vision.


To develop intelligent, superior and appropriate solutions to significant geographic challenges. To appreciate the competing priorities that cause closets — and worlds — to look unsettled.


We're guided by the Scout Law, the Rotarians' 4-way Test, and our own 4-R Code of Conduct. Most customers stay with us a decade and more. It would seem that we share these values.

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